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This advanced technology platform has been established to provide Election Supervisors/Hosts an optimized, low cost, convenient management tool for election and/or poll administration.

If you are a Supervisor/Host, begin by clicking Here.

After you have completed your registration, enter through this Host Login , or at the top right on this page, and follow the systems' guidance through your process.

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RVote.Net does not enable those of ill intent to subvert the electoral process through means such as those shown on the left side of this page. To the contrary, RVote.Net prevents such occurances. The reliability of the supervisor/host is the only vulnerability regarding an RVote.Net election/poll. Therefore, tabulated results of RVote.Net managed elections/polls are more trustworthy. And are uniquely provided through this system at substantially lower cost than is available through any other currently known alternative means.

All interested parties involved with any Election/Poll deserve the most affordable and reliable and readily accessible options and/or tools to be used and made available to each voter and to all supervisory/management personnel.

The United States of America will always stand in support of liberty for all human beings. RVote.Net may now be employed by all people, in all parts of the world, when they choose to express their collective will.

Read and watch to learn how to create your own election using our breakthrough technology!

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